Learn The Secrets Of How To Deliver Stunningly Accurate Tarot Readings While Building a Highly Profitable & Life Changing Practice
This Is The Most Comprehensive & Advanced Training Course Available Anywhere Today. In Fact, This Course Had Been Called a MUST For All Professional Tarot Readers, No Matter Their Experience.


  • ​Lifetime Membership
  • ​Certification from The Complimentary Medical Association
  • ​120 CPD Points
  • ​Live 'Inner Circle' Online Training 
  • ​10 Leads of Prospective Clients Looking for Tarot Readings
  • Comprehensive 55,000 Word Manual

Limited Availability

What's Included In The Academy
Lifetime Access To Intensive Online Training
Join World-Class Psychic Richard Knight as he guides you through all of his techniques, practices and methods of cutting edge Tarot Reading. You'll then have lifetime access to all of the course content. The Academy offers a proven system that has already helped its students with no previous experience become a confident and certified practitioner.
Comprehensive Course Handbook
The 61,000-Word Comprehensive Printed & Bound Manual created specifically for this course and written by Richard forms an integral part of your training and will no doubt become your go-to guide for reference in the future. In fact, many refer back to this guide throughout their whole career. ​
The Original Book on Tarot
A revised and update version of The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite, he original book on Tarot written in 1910 but revised and updated for The Tarot Academy.
Live Demonstrations of Readings
Live to the ‘inner circle’ of demonstrations of Richard working close up during actual Tarot readings as if you were there in the room with him.
Full Accreditation & Membership To The Prestigious Complimentary Medical Association***
Receive your CMA Certificate of Membership with one month of membership. You can immediately take advantage of webinars and CMA training about building your Practice and finding clients. Once you've completed the Academy, you are entitled to become a fully accredited practitioner and be counted amongst the elite in the industry.***
CPD Points**
Upon completion of the course, you will gain 120 CPD points. These internationally recognised points are a testament to quality of training and materials inside the course and provides you with enhanced professional credibility.
Single Drawn & Signed Tarot Card
Richard selects a card for each Academy Member from a Tarot deck that is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful in the world today. These amazing cards are handmade in Milan, Italy by the last remaining artisans of Tarot. The Visconti Sforza deck is one of the first examples of Tarot in existence. Richard hand signs the back of each card and it is sent to you with your manual. The significance of your personally chosen card will reveal itself to you as you journey through the Academy.
Live Q&A Sessions**
You'll be able to join live mastermind calls with Richard Knight himself using a Private Facebook Group. You'll have lifetime access to these recordings to view at any time. This will get the whole community available exclusively to members, giving you the chance to ask Richard and others absolutely anything you want.
Mastermind Facebook Group
You'll get access to an exclusive group of likeminded practitioners and coaches, all going through the same content. You can ask each other questions, engage in study groups and chat through the content together. It's a great way to learn, engage and make friends.
10 Free Leads Of Potential Clients*
We understand that generating leads and prospecting is one of the most time consuming tasks when growing your tarot reading business. When completing the academy, you’ll gain exclusive access to our in-house lead sourcing team who can generate 10+ leads for you. This means that the course can basically pay for itself. You can choose to purchase more leads at a small fee.
The Course Curriculum

Module 1:

Introduction & The Anatomy Of The Tarot Deck

  • Welcome
  • ​Why The Academy Is Different
  • ​My Experience With The Tarot
  • ​A Quick Message For Novices
  • ​For The  More Advanced
  • ​Shattering Stereotypes
  • Intuitional Tarot Coaching
  • The Transformational Tarot
  • ​The Three Essential Elements Of A Tarot Reading
  • ​Ethics - You’re Dealing With People’s Lives
  • ​Let’s Begin
  • ​The Anatomy Of The Tarot Deck
  • ​The Origins Of The Tarot
  • ​History Of The Marseille Deck
  • ​The Rider Waite Deck
  • ​The Tarot Explosion
  • ​How Does The Tarot Work?

Module 2:

Understanding The Meaning Of The Cards

  • The Traditional Approaches To Finding Meanings
  • ​Using Key Word Meanings
  • ​Major Arcana Introduction
  • ​The Major Arcana
  • ​The Minor Arcana
  • Using The Suits

Module 3:

The Three-Card Spread

  • What Is A Card Spread?
  • ​The One Card Spread
  • ​Reversed Meanings
  • Understanding Timings
  • ​Introduction To The 3-Card Spread
  • ​Using Keywords
  • The 3 Card Spread - Reading One
  • The 3 Card Spread - Reading Two
  • ​The 3 Card Spread - Reading Three
  • Practice Session

Module 4:

The Celtic Cross

  •  Introduction
  • ​The RK Celtic Cross
  • ​Example Reading One
  • ​Example Reading Two
  • ​The Celtic Cross - Your Turn
  • ​The Celtic Cross - My Interpretation

Module 5:

The New Year Spread

  • Overview
  • ​Reading One
  • ​Reading Two
  • ​Reading Three

Module 6:

The Jazz Spread

  • Introduction
  • ​Reading One & Feedback
  • ​Reading Two & Feedback
  • ​Logging Your Readings
  • ​Additional Thoughts

Module 7:

The Qualities of a Tarot Reader

  • Creating Rapport
  • ​Life Coaching
  • Counselling Skills
  • ​A Must Have Book
  • The Purpose
  • ​Self-Care

Module 8:


  • Introduction
  • ​Becoming Aware
  • Solitude - Time To Think
  • ​Creativity
  • Mindfulness
  • Learning To Observe
  • ​Dreaming
  • ​Connecting Deeply
  • ​Learn To Relax
  • ​Letting Go Of Negativity
  • ​Guided Visualization Exercise

Module 9:

Building a Tarot Practice

  • Be Good!
  • ​Who Is Your Market?
  • Premises And Costs
  • ​Charges And Fees
  • Finding A Name
  • Using A Professional
  • Legal Issues
  • ​Insurance
  • ​Working From Home
  • ​Photography
  • ​Physical Marketing Materials
  • ​Repeat Business and Referrals
  • ​Online Presence - The Website
  • ​Reading Remotely By Video
  • ​Psychic Fairs And Phone Lines
  • ​Readings As Entertainment
  • ​Starting From Now
  • ​Building The 3 R’s
  • ​Building An Email List
  • ​Social Media Marketing
"in this academy, i will be sharing my very best techniques, the same powerful methods i have collected during 40 years working at the cutting edge of personal development."
The PROFESSIONAL TAROT ACADEMY is the culmination of the life’s work of world-renowned Tarot Master Richard Knight. 

Business leaders, Multi-millionaires and superstar celebrities regularly make life changing decisions on the turn of a card... Richard commands THAT kind of respect in the highest reaches of society.

From humble beginnings in Scotland, Richard has dominated the world of Tarot for over 40 years, but he has NEVER TAUGHT HIS SECRETS TILL NOW

Richard will be retiring very soon and to mark the occasion and leave a lasting legacy he is inviting you to join him like this for the very first time so he can pass on his secrets to you.

“My hope is that all my years of experience and work can be carried on by a new generation of Tarot readers and in this course my wish is that my work lives on and continues to help a great many more people for years to come."

In this course you will join Richard like never before as he methodically guides you through his EXACT process to deliver stunningly accurate readings even if you have absolutely no experience till now.

You are learning up close and personal from a true master like never before. 

These ancient secrets are usually so closely guarded by those ‘in the know’ never get anywhere near them. 

They are handed done through the generations to a select few and only taught to those deemed worthy of holding their power.

This course is for you if you are serious about changing your own life and the lives of others

This course is for you if you are ready to leave scarcity behind and step into abundance and this course is for you if you would love to use this ‘gift’ to help other people live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Think about it, more personal freedom and choice, more money and free time and more job satisfaction than most people will ever know. 

This course contains ONLY PROVEN TECHNIQUES and practices and the EXACT PROTOCOLS that Richard himself has perfected over the last 40 years.

This is also the ONLY course of its kind to be FULLY ACCREDITED by the coveted Complimentary Medical Association

The CMA are the ‘Gold Standard’ of accreditation bodies for alternative therapies and have chosen to work with Richard on this exclusive project.

When you join The Professional Tarot Academy you will become part of a worldwide community of like-minded people under Richards tutorage and support network. 

we'll give you the tools necessary to build your own Tarot practice
  • Lifetime Membership to the most comprehensive Tarot Training available anywhere today
  • ​Live to the ‘inner circle’ of demonstrations of Richard working close up during actual Tarot readings as if you were there in the room with him
  • ​Up-close Access to Weekly Live Training Sessions ONLY available to academy students
  • ​A Comprehensive 55,000-word Tarot Coaching Manual written specifically to enhance your knowledge of this course and of Richard's work
  • ​Selected card for each Academy Member from a Tarot deck that is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful in the world today. 
  • Lifetime Access to a fully engaged and interactive support network of coaches and talented Tarot professionals
  • ​Membership of The Complimentary Medical Association
  • 120 Continued Personal Development (CPD) Points
  • 10 Leads for Prospective Tarot Reading Clients
"You'll become a CMA Member & be recognised as being amongst the elite in the entire profession."
  • ​Whilst you are a student inside the Academy, you'll get 1 Month Free of Student Membership with Access to Webinars and Training from the CMA.***
  • ​Upon completion of the Academy, you'll be able to gain access to Practitioner Membership.*** 
  • ​Nothing says more about YOUR commitment to excellence and professionalism than CMA Membership. 
  • Be Featured as a Top Practitioner on This Site - every day, they feature Six CMA Practitioner "MCMA" Members directly on their home page - you will be featured here in rotation with a quick introduction and this links directly to your very own page on The CMA site. 
  • ​You will have your very own page on the CMA website that features your biography, your picture, the disciplines you practice, all your contact details and plenty of room for you to introduce yourself properly, to talk about how and why you practice in the way that you do - and to include real patient/client testimonials so that people can really get to know you on a personal level - this is the most effective way of developing a practice
  • ​As a CMA Full Member, you'll get referrals from people searching for a Fully Qualified Practitioner on this site - they get a huge amount of traffic - and you will benefit directly from this as it offers you the perfect platform to promote your work. 
  • ​You'll have access to the full CMA website - there are certain parts of the website that are inaccessible to Non-Members - and these include their special Practice Development pages and more. 
  • ​You'll also have the option to have your articles published on The CMA website (subject to acceptance)
  • ​ We particularly encourage research articles and case studies. 
  • ​Receive The CMA Latest World News on Scientific Breakthroughs in Complimentary Medicine, FREE by email every week.
  • ​Receive your CMA Certificate of MembershipReady to frame and display on the wall of your Practice. 
  • ​Access to Top Class, Low Cost, Professional Indemnity Insurance (at a specially negotiated rate only available to CMA Members).
"Join World-Class Tarot Expert Richard Knight as he guides you through all of his techniques, practices and methods to delivering Powerful & Incredibly Accurate readings."
Richard is one of the very best in the world but what makes him even more unusual is his ability to break down his process and teach it so that you can quickly learn and follow along to achieve very similar results for yourself.

Shortcut almost 30 years of spiritual practice with this unique opportunity to join The Professional Tarot Academy and learn the proven system that has helped its students with no experience become a confident and certified Tarot Professional faster than they might believe possible.


Once you have learned, refined and then mastered your tarot reading skills you are ready for clients

TAROT IS IN HIGH DEMAND... when celebrities like Emma Roberts, Usher and at Gwyneth Paltrow are hosting Tarot readings parties and Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift and J-Lo all turning to Tarot for help (we can’t confirm or deny who Richard has read for) you’ll know that Tarot is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ guide for the worlds elite. 

And of course, what the elite do the rest of us follow and it’s no surprise that students of The Tarot are finding themselves busier than ever before ESPECIALLY during these difficult times. 


Not only will you gain access to ALL of Richards methods and insights you will also gain access to his ‘Secret Marketing Team’

We cannot reveal who is on this team because of confidentiality agreements they have in place with their international corporate clients BUT we will teach you how to market your services with easy, how to book yourself solid in no time and for virtually no money and in an industry where your competition won’t have the first idea about marketing and building a business we will give you what can only be called an ‘unfair’ advantage. 

Just imagine if the marketing departments of Nike, HSBC or Virgin were working for you. 

How successful do you think you’d be? 

It would be untrue to say that this is what’s going to happen BUT the people behind some of the most effective marketing ever for those very brands will be teaching you how to build your own practice… What chance does anyone else have?

Not only will you learn the secrets of one of the world’s foremost experts in The Tarot, but you will also learn how to market like him too. 

Think about it...

How many people were on the master class you were on? From how many countries? How did you find out about the masterclass? 

You saw an ad on social media, you clicked on it and you booked your place. 

We will teach you EXACTLY how to do that for your own business. 

Absolutely NO experience is necessary and only a very basic knowledge of technology is required. 

In fact, in some ways the less you know already the better. 

Just follow the simple instructions and you are about to enjoy a truly remarkable career

A word From Richard Himself...

“The tarot is an incredibly powerful and ancient tool for gaining insight into the journey through life, but you need to know how to unlock it secrets ....

In my Academy I will share insights that you simply won’t find in any books, techniques that I have honed over 40 years working with over 80,000 client sessions.

Whether you are a beginner or already have experience in reading the tarot you will find approaches on this course that will take your readings to the next level.

You will not learn this anywhere else ...

What you will learn on this course is based on decades of experience reading for clients from every walk of life and from all over the globe. Real Tarot reading is not only about the cards, it’s about people ... and their lives.  

With a deck of Tarot cards in my pocket, I have been able to live a life of freedom and provide an amazing life for my family. The Tarot has taken me all over the world and allowed me to work with VIPs and celebrities from the worlds of Fashion, TV and Movies. 

My life changed when at the age of 5 I was given a deck of Tarot as a present and I became fascinated by the strange and mystical pictures. I became obsessed and tried to learn everything I could, soon giving readings to everyone who would stop and listen. 

Fast forward 20 years and I was appearing on TV and being featured in almost every newspaper in the UK. I began to receive requests from all over the world to read for the rich and famous. I would find myself reading the Tarot in exquisite apartments in Venice or Milan and then flying out to see clients in penthouses in Las Vegas.

All this from a simple deck of Tarot cards ...

And now I’ll show you how to unlock the Tarot’s secrets and change your life and help transform the lives of others.

I’ll show you a straightforward approach to understanding the Tarot that will really resonate for yourself and your clients, I don’t do mystical mumbo-jumbo!

You will learn how to really understand and connect to your client on a deep level so that you can help them gain clarity and overcome their obstacles.

Now inside my Tarot Academy, I will be teaching the very best of what I know.

I will explain in great detail how you build a successful full-time Tarot Reading business. 

I will show you exactly step by step the approaches that work so that you can build a powerful Business and Marketing Plan. 

In short, my own business in a box for you to follow

I’m looking forward to guiding you.”


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