"Learn How to identify & harness your own psychic abilities to change your life & responsibly counsel others using psychic signals."

Learn How To Give Incredibly Accurate and Inspirational Readings From a True Psychic Through 6-Weeks of Intensive & Comprehensive Live Training.

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join World-Renowned Psychic, Richard Knight, for 6-weeks of Intensive Training Through Facebook Live.
Internationally Renowned Psychic and Tarot Master Richard Knight will be hosting an exclusive live training for those who are simply curious or feel they have a calling to be able to look clearly into the future and do the same for others.
Learn How To Give Incredibly Inspirational Sessions From A True Psychic & Medium.
Do You Want To Unlock your Psychic Abilities to truly transform your life? Are you ready to dramatically change how you experience your own life and tap into the Psychic ability you maybe didn’t even know you had

Or, maybe you’ve always been ‘intuitive’ but never really known how to harness that intuition and take your psychic development to the next level.

Richard will be hosting the sessions on Facebook Live through an exclusive and private Facebook group of ONLY like-minded people.

You can follow along, ask questions and of course, join in on the training to unlock your own hidden power. 

Everyone has it in them but few have the mentor they need to unlock that potential. 

Now you can... Just look at what you’ll be doing in Week 5 alone!

Here's exactly what you'll learn:
  • How to call on your intuition at anytime so that you can anticipate and be forewarned of the twists and turns that life has in store for you.
  • ​How to use tools including Crystals, The Pendulum and the Tarot to really support your Psychic Development.
  • ​My own powerful approaches to activate your Chakra System and to accurately read peoples energy and even auras.
  • ​My proven techniques to experience Astral Projection and to connect with other people and events for healing, knowledge and guidance. Just imagine being able to tap into a limitless source whenever you need more strength, insight, courage or calm. Well now you can.
  • ​My own approaches to blast through energy blocks that might be holding you back, these are the same techniques I use with my own high paying private clients around the world.
  • ​My unique and never before shared approach to Automatic Writing that connects you directly to your intuition and Spirit Guides and channels clear messages every time.
The 6-Week Curriculum

Week 1:

Unlocking Your Psychic Skills

In this information packed opening session Richard will lay the foundations for developing your future Psychic abilities. You will learn how to quieten and use your mind so that you can tune into your intuition and the world of Spirit to…

  • ​Discover Your Soul’s Voice
  • ​Creating Your Own Sacred Space
  • ​Discovering Your Own Psychic Modality
  • ​Be Able To Sense Energy From Objects and People

Tuesday 22nd February

2pm - 4pm
(Eastern Time)

1pm - 3pm
(Central Time)

11am - 1pm
(Pacific Time)

Week 2:

The Chakra System and Reading Auras

You’ll learn how to get an immediate picture of someone’s mood, state of health and true nature. You’ll learn proven techniques for seeing, feeling, strengthening and cleansing the aura and tapping into the body’s powerful Chakra system. In just week two you’ll learn to…

  • ​Clear and Balance Your Own Chakras
  • ​Understand The Fundamentals Of Each Chakra Centre
  • ​Open and Close Your Chakras At Will In Preparation For A Reading
  • ​Protect Your Own Aura From Any Psychic Attack

Tuesday 1st March

2pm - 4pm
(Eastern Time)

1pm - 3pm
(Central Time)

11am - 1pm
(Pacific Time)

Week 3:

The Transformational Power of Crystals

You’ll discover how to choose, cleanse and energise your own Crystals. Then you’ll explore how to use the power of a newly charged Crystal to really transform your life to give greater health and happiness than ever before. You’ll learn…

  • The Best Types Of Crystals and Gemstones To Work With
  • ​How to Look After Your Crystal So It’s Always Look After You
  • ​Combine the Crystal Power with your Chakra Energy for Mind-blowing Results
  • ​Over a Dozen Ways To Use a Crystal to Control Stress, Improve Health, Enhance Creativity and Connect to Spirit Guides

Tuesday 8th March 

2pm - 4pm
(Eastern Time)

1pm - 3pm
(Central Time)

11am - 1pm
(Pacific Time)

Week 4:

Automatic Writing - The Power to Receive Messages

You will learn why Richard Knight is recognised as one of the worlds leading authorities on Automatic writing as he explains exactly how he connects to his intuition and to his Spirit Guides to deliver incredible readings for his clients. These methods have never been taught anywhere before. In an exclusive insight, Richard will also share how you can combines this approach with a Pendulum to seek guidance for yourself and others. You will discover…

  • ​A Unique Guided Visualisation To Connect With Your Inner-Self and Quickly Produce Automatic Writing
  • ​How To ‘Step-Up’ The Connection to Spirit Guides
  • ​How Using a Pendulum Can Guide You To Purposeful Living and Reaching Your Goals
  • ​Why Automatic Writing is the Most Powerful Skill You Can Have In Your ‘Tool-kit’ When You Want To Deliver Truly ‘Out Of This World’ Results.

Tuesday 15th March

2pm - 4pm
(Eastern Time)

1pm - 3pm
(Central Time)

11am - 1pm
(Pacific Time)

Week 5:

Astral Projection

**Read this carefully** Experience a live Astral Projection exercise as you will safely leave your body and travel through time and space to connect with people and events for healing and guidance. Yes this will really happen and no it’s never been taught before.

  • In This Fully Interactive Session Richard Will Guide You Through An Out-Of-Body Experience
  • ​Fully Understand That You Are a Spiritual Being Independent Of Your Physical Body
  • ​Explore New Worlds and Meet New People
  • ​Discover The Secrets Of Remote Viewing

**Ok, if you skipped to here please go back and read the rest, you’ve missed lots of other great stuff. 

Tuesday 22nd March

2pm - 4pm
(Eastern Time)

1pm - 3pm
(Central Time)

11am - 1pm
(Pacific Time)

Week 6:

Spirit Guides - Contacting Your Invisible Helpers

Explore the unseen world of Spirit Guides and how to connect with them for inspiration and finding your true life’s purpose.

  • Discover Several Ways To Contact Your Spirit Guides and The One That’s Right For You
  • ​Learn Who Your Spirit Guides Are and How They Are Already Helping You 
  • ​Recognise The Signs That Your Guides Are Sending You Everyday and The Simple Thing They Need From You To Be Able To Help You Much More

Tuesday 29th March 

2pm - 4pm
(Eastern Time)

1pm - 3pm
(Central Time)

11am - 1pm
(Pacific Time)

Week 7:

Bonus Week: The REUNION Process & The Inside secrets to building a profitable Psychic / medium practice

Experience the REUNION process in which Richard will take you to meet your guides and loved ones in Spirit. An amazing and life-changing experience!

Learn the exact methods Richard has used to live a life of freedom and to travel the world. Discover what it takes to deliver accurate sessions to TV and Movie stars as well as hard-nosed and sceptical CEOs and Industry Leaders. This is the inside track, revealed like never before. 

  • Meeting Your Guides & Loved Ones In Spirit
  • ​Setting up a Practice
  • ​The Ethics and Legalities of Tarot Reading
  • ​Marketing a Tarot Reading Practice
  • ​Client Management

Tuesday 5th April

2pm - 4pm
(Eastern Time)

1pm - 3pm
(Central Time)

11am - 1pm
(Pacific Time)


Learn the techniques that will transform your life and the lives of your loved ones
During these seven live sessions, you will learn the approaches that have made Richard one of the world’s most sought after Psychic Mediums. 

But much more importantly the techniques in this course will transform your life and the lives of your loved ones. Richard has used these same techniques with over 80,000 clients over the past 40 years to bring insight and comfort and profound change into their lives.

“My journey as an Intuitive began as a child when I would sense information about people that I shouldn’t have been able to know. 

I was described as one of the first ‘Indigo children’ - children who exhibit paranormal traits and abilities.

A boating accident and a near-drowning at the age of 11 resulted in a Near-Death Experience which seemed to focus these abilities and I became the focus of scientific and media interest in the UK and around the world.

Within a few years, I was appearing on TV and being featured in almost every newspaper in the UK. However, in my mid-twenties I felt something was wrong and that I was becoming a psychic ‘performing seal’ and it was becoming obvious to me that it wasn’t the direction that I should behead.

I abruptly cancelled all media engagements and went into isolation for 12 months to recharge and refocus. Slowly through that year I began to understand what my mission really was, to use my abilities to guide people through their most confusing and darkest times ... to bring comfort and hope.

Almost immediately I began to receive requests from all over the world to read for clients and I haven’t stopped since! I have clients from every walk of life. In an average week, I can be reading for clients in my office in the UK or travelling to read for the rich and famous in exquisite apartments in Venice or Milan and or flying out to see others in penthouses in Las Vegas. 

But now the thing I am called to most is this. To work with you. I do not believe that it as a coincidence that you’re here. I have seen too many ‘coincidences’ to think that. 

You are meant to be here with me and we are meant to work together. 

I don’t know exactly what but I do know there is insight, wisdom and clarity waiting for you as soon as you take the step to tap into it. It will be my honour you guide you.

I look forward to working with you."
What's Included Inside The Masterclass...

Live Training

Join Richard Knight for a Weekly Live Training Session for 6 Weeks on Psychic Development where you can learn, ask questions and join in on the training. You'll also know what the session will be about and the topic agenda in advance. 

Community of Practitioners

You'll become part of a community of likeminded people across Alternative Medicine. You'll also be able to ask questions and provide insight based on our cumulative experience.

Archived Video Training

You'll have access to the Live Training Sessions after they are complete so you can review, replay and revisit at any point. You will have lifetime access to this archive through Facebook.

No Fluff, Actionable Sessions

This is a hands-on, fully demonstrated and explained format where you learn best by seeing, doing and then unpacking as we move through what really works drawing from many different fields of therapy.

Great Help & Support

We always want our members to be happy with our training and community. You'll have access to quick and friendly support with Richard Knight and his team of apprentices for the six weeks.

What People Say About Me...
About Richard Knight
For more than 35 years Richard Knight has been a channel between our world and the after-life. His ability to communicate stunningly accurate messages of love and hope from those who have passed on has earned him international acclaim. 

He is recognised as one of the world's leading Channelers of Automatic Writing and has left thousands of people astounded by his ability to receive written information from the Afterlife. Stunningly specific details such as dates, nicknames, full names and addresses and even descriptions of childhood pets have come through often at a rate of 20 messages per minute. It is this amazing accuracy that has helped to gain his reputation as 'One of the clearest links to the Afterlife' ​ Richard has also made the study of the Tarot a life long focus and has made him one of the most sought after Clairvoyants working today. ​

In his career, he has undertaken more than 70,000 sessions for those seeking both insight and comfort. ​ In his 20's Richard was featured in almost every major newspaper and TV channel in the UK appearing and consulting on shows such as 'Tonight with Jonathan Ross', 'Strange but True' appearing alongside celebrities including Boy George and Dudley Moore.
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