Learn How To Harness & Master Your Intuition By Becoming a Certified & Confident Psychic While Building a Highly Successful Practice
This Is The Most Comprehensive & Advanced Training Course Available Anywhere Today. In Fact, This Course Has Been Called a MUST For All Psychics and Mediums, No Matter Their Experience.


  • ​Lifetime Membership
  • ​Certification from The Spiritual Workers Association
  • ​120 CPD Points
  • ​Live 'Inner Circle' Online Training 
  • ​10 Leads of Prospective Clients Looking for Psychic Readings
  • Comprehensive Training Manual & Book

Limited Availability

What's Included in the Academy
Lifetime Access to Intensive Online Training
Join World-Class Psychic, Richard Knight, as he guides you through all of his techniques, practices, and methods of cutting-edge, and shockingly accurate, Psychic readings. You'll then have lifetime access to all of the course content. The Academy offers a proven system that has already helped students, often with no previous experience become confident and certified practitioners.
Comprehensive Course Handbook
The Comprehensive digital Manual created specifically for this course and written by Richard, forms an integral part of your training and is available to download as soon as you enrol. This will no doubt become your go-to guide for reference in the future. In fact, many refer back to this guide throughout their whole career. 

'The Spirit of Healing: Powerful Steps for Psychic Development' Book
This unique, comprehensive, and insightful book offers fast and easy techniques that you can use daily to identify, attain, and boost your psychic skills. Join Richard as he delves deeply into intuition, psychic senses, spirit guides, and mediumship. The book puts you in control so you can be your own psychic, and is available to download as soon as you enrol today.
Live Demonstrations of Readings
"Join my ‘inner-circle’ and watch as I give live Psychic readings. See first-hand how my systems, techniques, and guidance work in real life situations' This is coveted ‘behind the scenes’ access to what is usually highly secret." Imagine how much you’ll learn when you see Richard put the theory into practice! It’s like the Master inviting you into his close circle of confidence and this is simply not available anywhere else.
Membership & Certification by The Spiritual Workers Association*
The Association provides a Guild of Spiritual Workers and Spiritualistic Service Providers. The Association brings spiritual organisations and independents together with an aim to promote excellence and improve standards in the field of spiritual work. The membership provides certification, support, access to insurance providers, and a free legal helpline.*
Live Q&A Sessions*
You'll be able to join live Mastermind calls with Richard Knight himself using a Private Facebook Group. You'll have lifetime access to these recordings to view at any time. This supportive community of likeminded people is available exclusively to Academy members, giving you the chance to ask Richard, and others, absolutely anything you want and let him guide you, week by week.

Mastermind Facebook Group
You'll get access to an exclusive group of likeminded practitioners and coaches, all going through the same content. You can ask each other questions, engage in study groups,, and chat through the content together. It's a great way to learn, engage, and make friends.
10 Free Leads of Potential Clients*
We understand that finding new clients can be one of the most daunting and time-consuming tasks when growing your business. When completing the Academy, you’ll gain exclusive access to our in-house client sourcing team, who will advertise on your behalf and send you the contact details for 10 people looking to book a professional psychic reading with you. This means that the course can basically pay for itself. 
The Course Curriculum

Module 1:

Introduction and Aims for the Academy

  • The Building Blocks for Psychic Development
  • Creating Your Sacred Space
  • ​Guided Meditation to create your Sacred Space
  • ​Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • ​Using Mala Beads

Module 2:

Psychometry: Reading Energy Through Touch

  • Introduction to Psychometry
  • Exploring the Process
  • ​Guided Meditation for Psychometry
  • ​Footnotes

Module 3:

Chakras, Auras, and Crystals: Understanding and Using Energy

  • Exploring the Chakras
  • ​Locating and Balancing the Chakras
  • Using Chakra Crystals and Stones
  • Guided Meditation for Chakra Balance
  • ​Auras: How to See, Sense, and Read them
  • ​Crystals
  • Choosing the right Crystal for You
  • Clearing and Energising Your Crystal
  • ​Grounding Your Energies
  • Psychic Protection
  • ​Healing with Crystals

Module 4:

Discovering Your Past Lives

  • Introduction and Evidence of Past Life
  • ​Full Past Life Regression Exercise
  • ​Past Lives and Your Sacred Space

Module 5:

Being Psychic

  • What Does It Mean to Be Psychic?
  • Is a Psychic a Medium?
  • ​Which ‘Clair’ Are You?
  • ​How To Interpret Your Intuitive Impressions
  • ​Sharing Your Impressions with Others
  • ​The Art of Making Predictions
  • ​Creating a Framework Around Your Reading

Module 6:

Understanding the role of the Medium

  • What is Mediumship?
  • ​Types of Mediumship
  • ​Approaching Mediumship with Caution
  • What To Expect from Connecting to Spirit
  • The Modern Approach to Mediumship - Shattering Some Myths!

Module 7:

Understanding Spirit

  • Understanding the Afterlife
  • Why Does Spirit Want to Communicate?
  • ​How Does Spirit Link to Us and Communicate?

Module 8:

The Language of Spirit Communication

  • Universal Symbols and How to Interpret Them
  • Opening Up to Spirit
  • Using Psychometry to Connect - Guided Imagery

Module 9:

Connecting to Spirit

  • Revisiting Your Sacred Place
  • ​Stepping Out of the Connection
  • Understanding Names, Dates, and Other Specifics
  • ​Psychic Protection - You’re Always in Charge!
  • Automatic and Spirit Writing
  • Physical Manifestations

Module 10:

Creating Your Own Psychic Practice

  • How To Work Ethically and Professionally
  • ​Caring For Your Clients
  • How To Create Your Unique Brand
  • ​The Keys To Marketing Your Spiritual Business
  • Expanding Your Knowledge as a Medium or Psychic
"in this academy i will be sharing my very best Methods For Harnessing Your Intuition & Psychic Abilities... the same powerful methods i have collected during 40 years' working at the cutting edge of personal development."
All humans have mysterious abilities that science can't explain, but how many of us actually take the time to slow down and listen to our own innate intuition?

If you're interested in learning how to tune in to your intuition, extrasensory perception and sixth sense, to be able to help yourself and to give readings to others, then THE PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY is just for you.

The Academy is the culmination of the life’s work of world-renowned Psychic and Medium, Richard Knight.

The Academy provides you with the PERFECT opportunity to tap into your psychic abilities, read oracle cards, connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels, protect yourself against psychic attacks, and so much more.

The Academy is all about understanding what is happening around you and the people and feelings you come into contact with.

In fact, psychic abilities can be thought of as latent human abilities that have been ignored and you only need to wake them up... and that's what the Academy will help you to do.

Business Leaders, multi-millionaires, and Superstar Celebrities regularly turn to psychics to foretell their future, connect with past loved ones and so much more.

From humble beginnings in Scotland Richard, in particular, has dominated the world of psychic readings and mediumship, reading for celebrities, leaders and more for over 40 years, but he has NEVER TAUGHT HIS SECRETS TILL NOW.

In this course you will join Richard like never before as he methodically guides you through his EXACT process for delivering stunningly accurate psychic readings, even if you have absolutely no experience till now.

You are learning 'up close and personal' from a true Master, as never before.

The programme is so comprehensive that it has been Officially Certified by the Spiritual Workers Association, and by completing the course you will receive highly sought-after CPD points.

Very few online programmes have such a certification, and this is a true testament to Richard's work and proven abilities.
These secrets are usually so closely guarded by those ‘in the know’ that we never get anywhere near them.

These abilities have been inherited through generations but only a select few realise and develop their power.
This course is for you if you are serious about changing your own life and the lives of others.

This course is for you if you are ready to leave scarcity behind and step into abundance, and this course is for you if you would love to use your ‘gift’ to help other people live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Think about it! You could have greater personal freedom and choice, more money and free time and more job satisfaction than most people could ever know.

This course contains ONLY PROVEN TECHNIQUES and practices, and the EXACT PROTOCOLS that Richard himself has perfected over the last 40 years.

When you join The Psychic Development Academy you will become part of a worldwide community of likeminded people under Richard's tutorage and support network. 

we'll give you the tools necessary to build your Psychic practice
  • Lifetime Membership to the most comprehensive Psychic Training available anywhere today
  • ​Live to the ‘inner circle’ of demonstrations of Richard working 'in close up' during actual Psychic readings, so it's as if you were there in the room with him
  • ​Up-close Access to Weekly Live Training Sessions ONLY available to Academy students
  • ​A digital copy of the Comprehensive Professional Psychic Manual written specifically to enhance your knowledge of this course and Richard's work
  • Lifetime Access to a fully engaged and interactive support network of coaches and talented Psychics and Mediums.
  • ​Membership of The Spiritual Workers Association
  • 120 Continued Personal Development (CPD) Points
  • 10 Leads of Prospective Psychic Reading Clients
"Join World-Class Psychic, Richard Knight, as he guides you through all of his techniques, practices, and methods For delivering Powerful & Incredibly Accurate Psychic readings."
Richard is one of the very best in the world but what makes him even more unusual is his ability to break down his process and teach it so that you can quickly learn and follow along to achieve very similar results for yourself.

You see... Psychic information arrives through your subconscious which is ALWAYS gathering information and seeing patterns, although you might often not notice it... or worse... ignore it.

To use your psychic abilities, you need to transfer what your subconscious recognises to your conscious mind, and with Richard's methodology this can be taught in an even shorter time than you might think possible.

Information received psychically is more complex than that which you receive from your other senses.

This is why psychics are able to help people.... and why they're in EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND.

This course allows you to shortcut almost 40 years of spiritual practice and learn the proven system that has helped its students, often with no experience, become confident and Certified Psychics, faster than they might have believed possible.


Once you have learned, refined, and then mastered your psychic skills you are ready for clients.


Not only will you gain access to ALL of Richard's methods and insights, but you will also gain access to his ‘Secret Marketing Team’.

We cannot reveal who is on this team because of confidentiality agreements they have in place with their international corporate clients, BUT we will teach you how to market your services with ease, how to book yourself solid in no time and for virtually no money, and in an industry where your competition won’t have the first idea about marketing and building a business, we will give you what can only be called an ‘unfair’ advantage.

Just imagine if the marketing departments of Nike, HSBC, or Virgin were working for you.

How successful do you think you’d be?

It would be untrue to say that this is what’s 'going' to happen, BUT the people behind some of the most effective marketing ever, and for those very brands, will be teaching you how to build your own practice… What chance does anyone else have?

Not only will you learn the secrets of one of the world’s foremost experts in Psychic practice and Mediumship, but you will also learn how to market like him too.

Think about it...

How many people were on the Masterclass you were on? From how many countries? How did you find out about the Masterclass?

You saw an ad on social media, you clicked on it, and you booked your place.

We will teach you EXACTLY how to do that for your own business.

Absolutely NO experience is necessary and only a very basic knowledge of technology is required.

In fact, in some ways the less you know already, the better.

Just follow the simple instructions and you are about to enjoy a truly remarkable career.

In Richard's own words:

"Once you begin to develop your innate abilities, you will be able to use them for your own benefit and for those around you."

"You will become more attuned to what is going on around you and the possibilities life has to offer."

"What I will teach you is how I have built my own practice and now, you can too."

"The psychic readings you will be able to do will be remarkable and worthy of remark."

"You will be making such a difference that people can’t help but talk about it, and you!"

"I can't wait to join you on your journey."